Lamborghini decided to treat us to a pristine, recently restored 1971 Miura SV image

And it gets even better, this is the original 1971 Miura SV that debuted during the Geneva Motor Show a full 45 years ago – Lamborghini caressed it to a full restoration during the past year.

The restored example will be showcased over the weekend at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance, with this original 1971 Miura SV being the pre-production prototype that has been labeled as a “one-off” due to its numerous components sourced from the Miura S as well as new features that would later on make their way onto further enhanced versions of the Miura SV. The car was lovingly restored via photos and historic documents to make sure it’s as close as possible to the model that debuted during the Swiss event almost half a century ago. During the process, the designers, engineers and technicians reworked the car to its original shape using the production sheets and records held by Automobili Lamborghini. They also restored some of the components and refurbished the interior which has tan leather upholstery.

Of course some of the components had to eventually be replaced but the replacements came as original parts from the era. The engine was also overhauled and the original Verde Metallizata metallic green color was also restored. “This car not only illustrates the iconic appeal of the Miura, widely acknowledged as the forerunner of modern super sports models, but is also a perfect example of the expertise available in Lamborghini PoloStorico in providing the most authentic Lamborghini restorations,” comments Lamborghini PoloStorico chief Enrico Maffeo.