Lamborghini predicts flat auto sales in 2013 as the economic crisis has already began to affect the luxury purchases as well.

Lamborghini, which is owned by Volkswagen, predicts that by the end of this year its two model lines, the Gallardo and the new Aventador will reach a double digit increase from 1,602 units sold last year. the luxury automaker begins to see signs of decreasing demand, especially in China, the automaker’s second market after the US.

Unexpectedly, the Middle East, the US, Southeast Asia and several markets in Europe are adding momentum to the sales, with the order bank for the Aventador accounting for 15 months’ production. Lamborghini still waits for VW’s decision to begin production of the Urus, its first SUV in almost 20 years. The model was presented in Beijing in April and the company hopes that it will increase demand foe SUVs in the emerging markets. Volkswagen expects the Urus to reach showrooms in 2017 and sell 3,000 units annually.

Luxury auto giants BMW, Audi and Mercedes, which account for about three quarters of luxury car sales in China, have already felt the effects of the slowing economy. Daimler has already announced on September 20th that Mercedes will see a decreased profit this year due to tough competition in China and the European crisis. Porsche has also made a restructuring plan, which includes cutting spending and output in 2013 to offset lower sales.


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