Lamborghini Focuses on India and the US, as China Government Campaign Affects Sales image

Lamborghini will begin to focus on another market after sales of its super sports vehicles have dramatically dropped in China due to the government’s anti-conspicuous spending campaign.

Lamborghini, which is owned by Volkswagen, sees the Indian market as having tremendous potential and the automaker also expects increasing sales in the US, which is its biggest market. Chief Executive Stephan Winkelmann said that the company hopes that these two markets will be able to offset the sales slowdown in China.

“Unfortunately, there are not so many Chinas around the corner. And China for us is a challenge right now,” Winkelmann told reporters in New Delhi. “Still it’s a big market, it’s our number-two market. But I think, you know, as much as I know about the local policies, and what the government is doing, for the time being it is a little difficult to buy these type of goods.”

Last year Lamborghini sold 230 vehicles in China, making the country its second biggest market after the US. The company expects sales in the country this year to be somewhere around 200 units. The main reason for the sales slowdown in the Asian country was due to the government’s campaign to stop lavish spending affecting super luxury brands, among which Lamborghini.

Source: Reuters