Lamborghini Gallardo set on fire at Portland Auto Show image

A Lamborghini Gallardo supercar has been set on fire recently, at the 2012 Portland Auto Show in some brilliant American engineering.

The fact that Lamborghini Gallardo models usually go up in flames for no obvious reasons is being known for quite a while, especially because the automaker isn’t doing anything about it, but this recent news has nothing to do with bad luck, bad karma or bad manufacturing, it has everything to do with a criminal mind helped by two criminal hands. Recent reports are saying that a Lamborghini Gallardo has been intentionally set on fire at the 2012 Portland Auto Show.

After we’ve presented the short version of the story we’ll go on to the longer one which is saying that this particular Gallardo is privately-owned and the supercar was supposed to be presented at the automotive event but fire marshals don’t allow cars with more than a quarter tank of fuel to enter the show. This was the problem, and the solution came in a typical American engineering, get the revs up while the supercar remains stationary. And what better way of dong this than placing a piece of wood between the seat and the gas pedal? The V10 engine eventually caught fire and the result was ruining everyone’s day. So remember kids, if an American comes to you with a solution, just say no, whatever it is!

  • bob

    "rev it to the limited while stationary.?"

    How about another 'American' solution: editors.