Lamborghini Gallardo splits in half, driver walks away uninjured wearing amulet image

A 40-year old businessman has recently lost control of the wheel of his Lamborghini Gallardo in heavy rain and crashed his ride, which has split in half.

Pitak Riangsima, a 40-year old businessman, who owns a networking marketing company in the United States, has managed to crash his Lamborghini Gallardo, while he was doing 150 km/h (93 mph) in heavy rain. Despite the fact that his supercar came with an all-wheel drive system, driving at such speed on a wet road is not such a good idea, as it can always lead to a heavy crash.

The Italian supercar has hit a tree eventually, before coming to a complete stop, and it split in half. Miraculously, Pitak Riangsima has managed to get out of the vehicle without suffering any injuries and he has seen his ride split in half after exiting it. It seems that before the accident, he has visited a temple where his friend said that he should wear a Buddha amulet for long distance trims. He took his friend’s advice and wore it. The amulet is believed to be very rare and valuable and it could have saved his life. The incident took place in Bangkok, Thailand.

Source: Bangkokpost