Lamborghini Gallardo spontaneously combusts in the UK image

Fire has eaten a Lamborghini Gallardo recently in the United Kingdom in what is yet another mysterious case of spontaneous combustion.

If you currently own a Lamborghini Gallardo and you envy people driving supercars like the Ferrari 458 Italia, the McLaren MP4-12C or the Lamborghini Aventador, stop doing that because your ride is just as awkward as the other ones when it comes to a mysterious case of spontaneous combustion. The vehicle pictured above has been eaten by flames in the United Kingdom, for no obvious reason, while it was driven at high speeds. The driver managed to rescue himself, but this is more than we can say about his ride.

The Lamborghini Gallardo is getting ready to receive a replacement after it has been in production since 2003. The new model will be named the Cabrera and it will ride on a new chassis, while sharing the engines and some underpinnings with the new generation of the Audi R8. Speaking of the engine, you should know that rumors are saying that the Cabrera will get an upgraded version of the V10, which should produce a total output of 600 HP. More details on the Lamborghini Cabrera will be announced next year, when the model is expected to make its public debut.

Source: Wrecked Exotics