Lamborghini Gallardo successor to be developed in Germany image

The successor of the popular Lamborghini Gallardo will be developed in German and the model is expected to get a name change too.

The next generation of the Lamborghini Gallardo, or better said its successor, will lose its Italian “feel” because the model will be developed in Germany. The Volkswagen Group, the owner of Lamborghini Automobili, will provide a new name for the successor of the Gallardo and the supercar will also be co-developed with Audi and Porsche, two other brands also owned by VW. The Gallardo successor will get parts from both Audi and Porsche and the new platform used is also expected to give birth to the next generation of the R8.

Initial rumors were saying that the Lamborghini Gallardo successor will use the Cabrera name and the supercar will use an engine similar to the one found on the current Gallardo, which will still get the 5.2 liter displacement from the V10, but the unit will produce a total output of more than 600 horsepower, which will help the supercar sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.4 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 2013 mph. The Lamborghini Cabrera should hit the market in late 2014. More details on the model are limited for the moment.

Source: Inside Line and Car Advice

  • Laurance Marvin

    Have you people forgotten….that VW purchased Giugiaro Design as they have sole design responsibility !! How can you people be in the news business ?? The whole reason for VW buying Giugiaro was to make sure that Giugiaro always was guiding the design of all VW Brands !