Lamborghini hits new production milestone for Aventador and Huracan image

While the Gallardo will keep its crown as the most produced Italian bull in history for a while, the others are coming closer and closer – with the Aventador hitting the 7k mark and the Huracan already at 9k.

When it comes to exotic rides such as a Lamborghini, no one wonders why the company marks publicly such small production milestones – the 9,000th Huracan and the 7,000th Aventador assembled. The Aventador – now the Aventador S – was first seen no less than six years ago, with the anniversary car being an Aventador S Roadster. It is finished in Grigio Adamas silver metallic and will embark on a long journey to reach its intended customer – from the US.

The Huracan meanwhile is a lot quicker – even though it features less power – it thundered to a 9,000 examples production in just three years, and will become the most sold model in the company’s history if it manages to cross the 14,000 mark. The milestone Huracan is a Blue Nethuns-carrying exterior, ready to be shipped off to Dubai. The Italian manufacturer is ready to potentially double production with the arrival on December 4 of the Urus sport utility vehicle. The arrival of the LM002’s spiritual successor was preceded by ample factory expansion construction – now the production unit is capable of churning out 7,000 units of the brand’s three models.