Lamborghini isn’t considering any hybrids or turbocharged supercars image

The Italian based automaker Lamborghini will not develop any hybrid or turbocharged powered supercars in the near future, as the company wants to keep its legacy.

Ever since Ferrari has presented the LaFerrari last year, McLaren has pulled the wraps off the P1 in the same time and Porsche has shown its 918 Spyder 6 months later, the question on everyone’s lips was related to Lamborghini. To be more exact, people were asking when will the “raging bull” develop a true rival for these hybrid supercars. But the answer came rather late, and not in an official press release, as you might have expected.

“This game is not, let’s say, fulfillable at the time being. And therefore I’m saying as long as it’s possible – in terms of technology – we’ll keep the DNA”, said the Lamborghini boss, Stefan Winkelman, during the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, in an interview with Car Advice.

Winkelman has answered in a few words to a lot of questions so if you were hoping, or not hoping, that the replacement of the Aventador, which will probably come in a couple of years, would be turbocharged, or even backed up by an electric motor, think again, because this won’t happen. Maybe Lamborghini will come to its senses and continue developing some radical looking vehicles, like the Diablo, because there is a huge difference between that and the recently unveiled Huracan, in terms of design.