Lamborghini Miura was born back in 1966 – yep, half a century ago image

If you ask us and many fans or specialists, among the most beautiful Lamborghinis ever a name will be recurring – the Miura. Believe it or not, the classic and elegant design has now turned 50 years old.

Many things happened back in 1966 – for instance a guy named John Lennon quipped that The Beatles were “more popular than Jesus” and Ronald Reagan became the Governor of California after a successful movie career. And the Lamborghini Miura was presented during the 1966 edition of the Geneva Motor Show. And 50 years from now the Miura still has the credentials. It penned the supercar stage as we know it today, going away from the idea that all fast cars should have the engine up front. Instead it was supplied in a mid position and to make room for the 4.0-liter V12 the exotic powerplant was grafted sideways – a idea taken from the Mini, above all else.

Legends surround the model, after all it was rumored to be the project of seven young people. Among them, Marcello Gandini, who was 22 when he envisioned the styling. The concept was also a tad crazier than the production model – for instance it featured a three-seat layout akin to the one used in the McLaren F1 and a glass engine cover. By the way, it’s also first production car with an engine in the middle – the Dino 206 GT, Ferrari’s first mid-engined car arrived two years later and the first mid engine V12 in a Ferrari arrived with the Berlinetta Boxer, in 1973.