Lamborghini Murciélago “Quattro Veloce” by DMC on James image

Lamborghini Murcielago LP 640 has received a set of physics and arts lessons from the German tuner DMC. The kit is called Quattro Veloce and as you might have guessed it is inspired by the SV version.

The Quattro Veloce’s styling package merges aggression and luxury using the precision quality of DMC‘s carbon technology. The highly engineered exterior catches eyes while the hand stitched interior leaves a feeling of indulgence. You will get a new carbon rear wing, plus a massive diffuser, modified front air intakes, new side wings and fuel-filler cap.The interior of the car is also treated with the same respect, and is full of carbon fiber including all-new seats.


Interesting thing is that the engine however remains standard. DMC is currently selling this package on Jameslist, in case you are interested. The roaring 670 horsepower 6.5L V12 enables the “Bull from Bologna” to do 60 mph in just 3,2 seconds, with a top speed of 213 mph. The heart of the Quattro Veloce, delivering 660 nM of torque, is kept in place by custom red-carbon cage.





  • Steffen Kalleberg

    Hey I am wondering if this kit can fit a 2003 Lamborghini Murcielago?
    thanks in advance^^