Lamborghini opens first boutique in Russia image

Automobili Lamborghini, the Italian automaker of super sport vehicles is opening its first dealership in Russia in conjunction with the Burevestnik Group, a luxury-automobile and yacht company, in Moscow.

“We are very proud of representing Lamborghini in Moscow,” said Andrey Lomakin, co-owner of the Burevestnik Group.

The official opening of the new Lamborghini showroom in Moscow at Kutuzovsky prospect 1/7 will take place later this year. When the dealership is completed, it will house sales, service and retail accessory sales for the complete Lamborghini product lineup under one roof.

In the meantime customers are invited to the Lamborghini showcase at the Crocus City Mall, where sales operations start immediately.

Last year Automobili Lamborghini sold 26,000 vehicles globally. For now, the biggest market for Lamborghini is the US followed by China, UK, Germany, Italy and Middle East.

The Italian automaker will unveil a concept SUV at the Beijing motor show on April 23 to test public reaction, according to a report in the German business daily Handelsblatt.

CEO Stephan Winkelmann wants the SUV as a third model line along with the Gallardo and Aventador super cars to help make the brand more profitable. China is a key market for high-margin luxury SUVs.