Lamborghini Pregunta is up for sale image

An extremely rare Lamborghini Pregunta Prototype has just popped up for sale on Classic Driver and the model is currently looking for a new owner.

The vendor is a Parisian dealership named Autodrome which is currently looking for a new owner of an extremely rare piece of automotive history, a Lamborghini Pregunta Prototype. The Lamborghini Pregunta may not tell you anything but this represents a time period before VAG took over, where the carmaker was trying to get the balance back on and become an icon in the automotive world once again.

This particular prototype, the Lamborghini Pregunta, has been designed by the Italian Studio Heuliez-Torino, and the cars fanatics consider it to be the last fully Italian supercar. The model in question has been officially presented to the public during the 1998 Paris Motor Show and it also made its way onto the 1999 Geneva Motor Show, six months later. The model is designed to be driven, everything on it working, including the V12 engine which is good for 520 HP. The chassis for the Pregunta has been borrowed from another icon, the Diablo. We can’t help the resemblance to the Pagani Zonda and we have to ask where Lamborghini would be today if it wasn’t for VAG.