Lamborghini proposes aggressive Huracan kit for “pennies” image

Well, when you’re paying six figures for the Sant’Agata Bolognese’s latest model, modding it might also come to mind – which is why Lamborghini is proposing a factory option.

The Italian exotic supercar maker has decided to treat us to a sneak preview of their new aerodynamic body kit customized for their baby model, the Huracan. And before jumping to conclusions, this is not the Huracan Superleggera treatment – which is good news, since that one is also coming soon. Instead today we have an aero package for the regular model versions, tweaking the styling for a more aggressive stance, though the looks won’t be matched by additional grunt as well. Since this is a factory-made kit it won’t come cheap – $22,484 – but at least you’ll know there will be no quality issues and warranty problems.

It also comes with more carbon fiber, which adorns the new front spoiler lip and the side skirts. The most important modification has been reserved for the rear of the vehicle, where there’s a massive fixed wing boosting downforce. This Verde Mantis Huracan will be a mild installment before the hotter Huracan appears, which is rumored to come with a new exhaust system inspired by the Huracan GT3. It should also pack a deeper punch since reports are calling for a ramp up of the 610 horsepower found in the 610-4 and a slim figure that shed at least 110 pounds (50 kilograms) compared to the regular guise.