Lamborghini Reports Sales Up 30% in 2012 image

Lamborghini reported sales of super sports vehicles up 30% in 2012 to 2, 083 units, but were not even near the pre-crisis highs.

VW’s Lamborghini reported sales in the US market up 50% and 34% in the European market, despite the financial crisis. Revenues also increased 46% to 469 million euro ($610 million). In 2008 Lamborghini sold a record 2,430 vehicles, before the global economic crisis hit the luxury auto market.

Last year the automaker sold 1,161 Gallardos and 922 new Aventador LP 700-4 units. Last week at the Geneva Auto Show the automaker unveiled the one-off Lamborghini Veneno to mark its 50th anniversary.

“Well there is a reason why we make these kind of cars as a special limited edition. This allows us more freedom in concept and design and the opportunity to use new materials and technology; they also have a positive effect on our other products,” said Lamborghini President and CEO Stephen Winkelmann.

Lamborghini predicts flat auto sales in 2013 as the economic crisis has already began to affect the luxury purchases as well. Luxury auto giants BMW, Audi and Mercedes, which account for about three quarters of luxury car sales in China, have already felt the effects of the slowing economy.