Lamborghini served crisp on the Sea to Sky Highway image

North America has some amazing scenery routes and the BC 99 highway, dubbed the Sea to Sky Highway is one of the best – making the connection between the Canada – US border with British Columbia.

But we somehow feel the 254-mile (409 km) long road that can take you from Interstate 5 at the Canada-U.S. border in Surrey to British Columbia Highway 97 near Cache Creek wasn’t a sight to behold for one unlucky Lamborghini Gallardo owner. Thanks to a Instagram user we have the tale of a roasted Italian supercar. It appears that according to witness accounts the model was manhandled like a champ, when the very skilled driver lost control of the ride and crashed it close to the Big Orange Bridge at Culliton Creek. The accident happened midway between Whistler and Squamish and, as we already know the Italian thoroughbreds have a “fire burning inside” – so the LP 560-4 ignited and quickly burned to the ground.

By the way – how did the driver imagine that bad weather and erratic driving will combine successfully even when there’s an all-wheel drive system for assistance? Additionally, the model was a rental so we imagine the driver wasn’t actually really experienced in handling the high-powered machine. It appears that according to rental company Scenic Rush the driver survived without a single scratch and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police won’t put up charges against him.

Via Greg Senko

Lamborghini served crisp on the Sea to Sky Highway