Lamborghini sets its eyes on new record sales year image

Chief executive officer Stephan Winkelmann believes 2015 will be an even better year for Lamborghini, even as the Italian supercar manufacturer managed to close 2014 with the best sales figures to date after deliveries grew 19 percent to 2, 530 units.

The luxury automaker, which forms part of the Volkswagen Group – the second largest automaker in the world and the biggest in Europe – is bullish about the year’s prospects, according to the CEO, seeing that its flagship Aventador model has a seven-month waiting list. Additionally, it still hasn’t delivered the 2,200 units ordered for its latest introduction, the Huracan successor of the “entry-level” Gallardo. Winkelmann, in charge of Lamborghini destiny’s for a decade already, sees the ultra-luxury segment in which Lamborghini competes to be stable for the year – at around 30,000 autos – though the brand is capturing more market share now. He refrained from giving any figures for the full-year, but pointed out to the solid order book of the Aventador and the fact that 3,300 clients want the new Huracan and some 2,200 still haven’t received it.

Asked about the possibility of Lamborghini setting a sales plateau – akin to Ferrari’s sales cap – the executive said that of the 80 million autos sold globally in 2014 the brand only accounted with around 2,500. He believes no cap should be placed on Lamborghini, save for the fact they would always try to sell less cars than overall demand exists – lifting desirability strategically. While the Asterion plug-in hybrid concept that was showed last year most likely will remain a technology demonstrator, the third model of the line-up – the upcoming SUV model – might one day adopt the plug-in hybrid powertrain.

Via Automotive News Europe