Lamborghini SUV to See Debut in 2016 image

Audi CEO Rupert Stadle said that the Lamborghini SUV should receive approval from the VW board for the development of the vehicle.

Last year at the Beijing Motor Show, Lamborghini unveiled a concept model for his SUV, but the production plans have never been unveiled. After VW approves the project it will take Lamborghini 3 to 4 years to develop the product, which means that the SUV might hit the market around 2017. The Urus, as it was tentatively called, will replace the LM002.

Lamborghini unveiled at the 1981 Geneva Auto Show the LM001 SUV and the new Jalpa. Unfortunately, as the Countach derived V12 was put at the rear of the LM001, it caused some wayward handling characteristics. The model was replaced by the LM002, the first Lamborghini SUV, dubbed the Lambo-Rambo, and which saw great success.

The automaker hopes that the new Urus will repeat the success and the model will be manufactured on the next-generation MLB platform, underpinning the Porsche Cayenne, VW Touareg and the Audi Q7. Lamborghini plans to make the Urus a sporty SUV, like the Cayenne, and not an ultra-luxury SUV such as the Range Rover.

“Lamborghini’s main aim is, don’t destroy the design, or to improve it. We were thinking about the future and we think the SUV market is one of the best opportunity for us in the future. My opinion on this is that as designers we need to continue to propose new designs for Lamborghini with our design language,” said Lamborghini’s design chief Filippo Perini.