Lamborghini to Drop Manual Transmissions – report image

More and more sports car manufactures drop manual transmission and switch to DSG or automatic.

In an interview with Motor Trend magazine, Lamborghini’s R&D director Maurizio Reggiani has confirmed what driving enthusiasts and purists world over have been hoping wouldn’t happen – that no future Lamborghini models will come with a manual gearbox.

According to Reggiani a manual transmission is “a break in the electronic chain of command that harmonizes absolutely everything that happens between engine combustion chamber and tire contact patch. The only way Lamborghini can guarantee soothing smoothness in city driving or back-thumpingly explosive acceleration on a winding road is for every system in the car to be interconnected. You can’t rely on a driver to always shift gears without glitches.”

So it’s clear. All new Lambos from 2012 will come with a fully automated transmission only.