Lambo’s latest concept pointing out move towards more subtle design? image

The Lamborghini Asterion concept is the automaker’s first plug-in hybrid model and its design was envisioned as homage to the early days of the company, when cars such as the Miura were more GTs than supercars.

Lamborghini design chief Filippo Perini and his team had the tough challenge of coming up with a different vibe for the make’s first eco-conscious model – which has the same Lamborghini heritage when it comes to style but also takes a step back from the angular and aggressive designs of current cars. “We need to understand if we can open another window in our future to be not so extreme but also a little bit more politically correct and elegant,” commented Perini. One of the key aspects – the Asterion has been engineered to ride differently from the other models from the Italian supercar’s stable mate. Since they use a different platform – one that evokes GT cars – the designers opted to infuse the Asterion with heritage inspired – such as Miura and Espada – flavors. “The rear end is close to the Miura feeling. You have the same size impression, the same solution of lines,” added Perini.

The concept car doesn’t eschew modern lines and features entirely. High-tech materials such as titanium, forged carbon fiber and aluminum are used for the front lamps. There are typical Lamborghini touches: exposed screws and hexagonal shapes – for example in the composite engine cover and exhaust tips, front grilles and side air intakes. Inside, they opted to improve the ergonomics to provide a sense of heightened roominess – a changed seating position for example allows the driver to see the front fender. It’s also layered with the latest technology available, such as reconfigurable graphics for the screens or a touchscreen infotainment pad that can be used – when detached – by the passenger.

Via Automotive News Europe