Lancia Voyager Diesel announced for Geneva debut image

Lancia has recently announced its plans to introduce the Voyager Diesel next week, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, in a premiere.

According to the car manufacturer, the Lancia Voyager is actually a rebadged version of the Chrysler Town & Country, but that doesn’t mean that the model can’t be modified. The Lancia Voyager will gain two new exterior colors, the Billet Silver and the Maximum Steel, along with the new Trailer Sway Damping system, which is working with the ESC, and some other “goodies”, in order to make the car more appealing to its future customers.

Just like its name is suggesting, the Lancia Voyager Diesel will get a diesel engine under its hood, with a 2.8 liter displacement and an inline four-cylinder layout, which is producing a total output of 178 HP (131 kW) and 360 Nm of torque (265 lb-ft), mated to a six-speed automatic transmission, allowing the model to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 11.5 seconds, before reaching a top speed of 193 km/h (120 mph). Fuel consumption in the Voyager Diesel stands at 7.9 liters / 100 km (35.7 mpg UK / 29.7 mpg US) and CO2 emissions stop at 207 g/km.

Source: Lancia