Land Rover aims to create separate SUV lines image

Land Rover, which has been acquired from Ford in 2008 by India’s Tata Motors and under its ownership has become increasingly successful, aims to further emphasize its SUV lines.

Together with Jaguar – as the two form a single company, Land Rover has become the profit driver behind the parent company – which has been facing a dire situation on the home market recently.

Now, to better ascertain their individual status, Land Rover will move to create within the brand three separate model lines – which, according to Andy Goss, Jaguar Land Rover’s group sales operations director, will be composed of the high-end luxury Range Rover line, mid-range positioned Discovery line and entry-level Defender line.

The Range Rover model series so far already has three models – the top of the line Range Rover, the Range Rover Sport and the Range Rover Evoque (which has two versions, with two or four doors).

“I do not think the Land Rover badge will completely disappear from Range Rovers because being engineered by Land Rover is a plus we want to keep,” said Goss.

So, the Land Rover lines would not become separate brands, but rather allow for greater autonomy within the brand’s space – for example in future models the land Rover badge would make more room for the Range Rover name.

The Discovery line – treated as the “leisure” part of the brand, would also encompass the Freelander models, while the iconic workhorse will remain the ever lasting Defender line-up.

Via Automotive News Europe