The iconic revival of the Defender model may be pretty close and Land Rover is announcing a prototype’s world debut during the Frankfurt Motor Show.

We were pretty sad to hear that one of the most popular off-road cars of all times is coming to an end but when the model was just about to be buried, the manufacturer announced its possible revival.

Rumors say that the prototype which Land Rover will present at the Frankfurt Motor Show will be the next generation of the popular Defender, which will be developed on a new platform with a separate chassis.

This actually sounds good but we hope the British car manufacturer will remember the Defender’s history and won’t fit LED tail lights or spinners on its wheels.

According to the auto maker, Land Rover needs to sell 60.000 – 80.000 units every year in order to make the program pay, which apparently is kind of a big deal because last year the company sold only 18.000 Defenders.



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