Land Rover might ditch the Defender image

The Land Rover car manufacturer might ditch its famous Defender model after more than 60 years of production.

In an interview for AutoExpress, the boss of Land Rover UK, Colin Green, said that the plan for a new SUV was a big challenge. “If we get it wrong we are messing up one of the industry’s biggest icons, and in that sense it is a tremendous responsibility”.

With high production costs of the chassis, even by sharing the same platform as the Discovery or the Range Rover Sport, the Defender is close to being put away forever.

“Another option is to carry on the current model using Euro VI engines. A third is that we abandon that section of the market. It is our least preferred choice because we have serviced that customer base for a long time, but there is no point in servicing the customer and not the business. We have to make money and all three options are on the table”, said Green for AutoExpress.

The Land Rover Defender is on sale since 1947 and meeting the Euro V emissions regulations until 2016.