Volkswagen AG’s sports and luxury brands – Bentley and Lamborghini – are both preparing in the next two years to introduce what they call ultra luxury SUV models.

That actually sets up a huge battle in the upper SUV segment, between the Land Rover 4×4 expert and their British and Italian opponents. Land Rover, which recently introduced a whole new generation of the flagship Range Rover, is enjoying a steady sales growth and wants to capitalize its brand image into making the Range Rover more of an independent sub-brand.

Meanwhile, Lamborghini will introduce its first SUV model since the 1990s “Rambo Lambo” LM002 – which was actually unsuccessful, with the Urus set to hit the market in 2017.

Bentley on the other hand, wants to “change the way the world looks at cars of this kind” with “the most luxurious and powerful” SUV. While pricing hasn’t been announced yet, the Bentley SUV will surely start north of $200,000 – which is bigger than even the most expensive Range Rover – though the $199,500 model is worth mentioning only if you remember its absurd name: Range Rover Long Wheelbase Autobiography Black limited edition with Valloire White paint!

“I don’t think necessarily we’ll react to particular competitive moves,” says Joe Eberhardt, president of Jaguar Land Rover North America. “We’ve worked decades of getting to that point and we’re not going to give up that position. So yeah, I’m not too worried about it, as we will continue to push Range Rover into the next level. “

The Bentley SUV will come to markets in 2016, with a eco conscious plug-in hybrid electric version set for 2017 – and it would need to fight Land Rover’s extensive experience into making off-road capable cars.

Via Business Insider


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