Land Rover ought to develop a new performance brand image

In order to align with its main competitors, Land Rover is taking into account to introduce a new line to delimitate the performance-oriented models from the rest of the products. Among the car makers that developed such divisions can be counted: BMW’s M division, Chrysler’s SRT group, Jaguar’s R line.

According to Land Rover’s Global Brand Director “there’s definitely room for performance products” and that the company was, “certainly considering” the possibility of a performance oriented sub brand.

Land Rover already had built improved versions of the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport and many believe that a supercharged version of the Evoque is currently being developed, although Edwards refused to comment its existance.

“We’re very early in the lifecycle of the Evoque and there’s a whole list of opportunities we can look at. It’s a capable car as well as being pretty. We need to demonstrate that; we need to show its muscle.”

An important role in this decision is represented by China auto market, as China is thought to be the most important Land Rover sales engine.

Eduards also mentioned: “We need to think about the extension to the Evoque that will work best in China. We might go for more luxury.”

So, even if the Evoque can easily develop an output of around 300 horsepower, the Chinese buyers may prefer added luxury over added performance, in which case the performance division become obsolete.