Land Rover Overwhelmed by Demand for the Range Rover and Ranger Rover Sport image

Land Rover finds difficulty in filling orders as demand for the Range Rover Sport and Ranger Rover is higher than expected.

The waiting time for customers who wish to buy the new Range Rover Sport, which was recently launched, is nine months and six months for the larger Range Rover, which hit the market at the beginning of this year. Demand is very strong especially in China, even if the base price for the Ranger Rover is 338,000 euro.

But Chinese customers are not too happy about these waiting lists, therefore they are willing to pay premiums equivalent to 60,000 euro just to move ahead on these lists. Unfortunately Jaguar Land Rover cannot do anything to shorten the waiting time as its Solihull plant in central England is already running at full capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Order intake globally is almost 40 percent above JLR’s original planning base case,” author Max Warburton wrote in the Bernstein report,.

JLR not only underestimated demand for the two models, but it also finds it difficult to get enough engines from its supplier Ford Motor, who still manufactures most of the engines for Land Rover and Jaguar. In 2015 JLR will begin manufacturing its own four-cylinder engines.