Land Rover partners with Virgin Galactic image

While it’s not easy to see the “out of world” connection between British 4×4 manufacturer Land Rover and the manned space company, we’re sure the duo will find ways to make it viable.

Virgin Galactic is – if you didn’t already know part of the empire built by highly successful British entrepreneur Richard Branson, which spans from music to commercial flight. So, here’s our first connection – both the owner of the space company and the SUV automaker are British – although the latter is owned by India’s Tata Motors.

“This is a huge, momentous occasion,” said Phil Popham, Land Rover’s Global Operations Director.

The duo “share a common understanding of the concept of exploration and discovery,” added George Whitesides, a former NASA scientist who is now the CEO of Virgin Galactic. “We’re at the dawn of the second space age.”

At first, the “long-term” agreement has the carmaker supply vehicles for use at the new Spaceport America in New Mexico, from where Virgin Galactic’s manned reusable spacecraft Enterprise will fly in a low sub-orbital 65 mile travel. Next up, more projects are to follow, although only one was currently hinted at – an educational effort that would seek to rebuild interest among young people mostly for manned space flight.