Land Rover plans new Range Rover model image

The fourth Range Rover model is going to be introduced in late 2016 and it will be based on the upcoming Jaguar F-Pace.

Land Rover will be expanding the Range Rover lineup to a total of four models, which will include the already available Range Rover, Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque, along with the new vehicle which will be based on the future Jaguar F-Pace. This is part of a report published by Autocar recently and according to our source, the new model will be riding on a longer wheelbase than the one of the F-Pace and it is believed to start from approximately 55,000 euros.

The cheaper versions will be taking their power from turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline and diesel units and high-end ones will be packing the beefier V6 units, along with the all-wheel drive layout, and they will cost up to 90,000 euros. Rumor has it that the F-Pace will also get an electric version, with up to 482 km (300 miles) range, and this is expected to be translated into the Range Rover model too.

The Range Rover EV will be the most expensive version and it will cost up to 117,000 euros, once it will become available. It will be aimed towards markets such as Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, southern California and New York and it will be seen as a rival for the future Tesla Model X. Besides the new units, the vehicle in question will also get a lower roofline and it should become an alternative to high-performance wagons. This will be produced at the Solihull facility, along with its Jaguar brother and the mid-size XE sedan.