Land Rover Reductionism is a sculptural preview of the future image

The British off-road specialist has announced it will test its artistic flair during the upcoming London Design Festival with the “Reductionism,” a sculpture that might be treated as a preview of things to come.

The new art installation will be placed at the entrance of the Design Museum in Kensington, allowing fans to see the Land Rover design “in its purest form,” according to the automaker. This sculpture is also representative of the current design philosophy that most recently delivered the Range Rover Velar, but it’s also indicative of the new design directions to be taken in the near future, as well as preview future models. No model has been hinted so far, but if we take proportions for granted, we might be seeing a baby Range Rover Velar in a few years from now.

“Creating a positive emotional response is central to Land Rover’s modernist design philosophy,” explains Gerry McGovern, Land Rover Chief Design Officer. “Every line and every feature has a purpose. It’s an approach defined by creative intelligence. Through the art of simplicity and reducing complexity, modernity is brought to the forefront – creating compelling objects of desire and vehicles with a timeless quality.” The piece is six-and-a-half feet (two meters) tall at the tipping point, dressed up in satin-painted aluminum and glass fiber, with interested fans able to see it between September 16 and 24 at the Design Museum.