Land Rover takes you to Namibia and Utah for some off-roading image

The British trail expert has had successful experiences with previous installments of its driving academies, so it’s naturally eager to offer new bespoke adventure travel experiences.

The new ones will take place in Namibia and Utah, where they will have the chance to put through its paces the new Discovery – and you can choose, five days in Utah or seven in Namibia. Land Rover claims the latter “takes in some of Africa’s finest scenery and wildlife” during the period, and the driving experience is very much a social one as well. Land Rover says the course will give plenty of opportunities to “photograph epic sand dunes, spot the continent’s great beats in Etosha National Park, and enjoy spectacular scenery where the Namib desert meets the South Atlantic Ocean.” This great adventure is priced $6,943 for a single person.

Land Rover takes you to Namibia and Utah for some off-roading 2

The Utah trip is actually the one taking you further down the trail – coming with “exhilarating drives amid some of America’s most spectacular scenery around the south-western city of Moab.” During the course of five days, the participants will have a chance to fight off with the Seven Mile Rim, Poison Spider Mesa, and the Hells Revenge Trails. The Utah experience is $5,250 per person, and both include all Land Rover driving activities, accommodation, meals, and airport transfers. “Adventure plays a key part in what makes for an exhilarating drive – whether it be an iconic road trip or on the road-less-travelled,” explains Mark Cameron, Global Experiential Marketing Director at Jaguar Land Rover.