Land Rover thinks its SVO unit will be the doom of tuners image

JLR’s Special Vehicle Operations division has just been announced, set to deliver bespoke versions of the brands’ products. It will thus work with customers as an in-house tuner/bespoke creator that will deliver fully customized products.

There’s always been a competition between tuners and their automakers of choice – but the latter do have to admit their idea of in-house tuning divisions came after they saw the success of the former. Some have decided to work with them – we can talk about Mercedes-Benz and its relationship with names such as Brabus. Or we can see the half empty part of the glass – as Land Rover’s design director does, who is a bit spiteful on third-party tuning. Gerry McGovern believes tuners “have it easy,” as they work on a fully developed product. He added he wishes he would see tuners “design their own car.” By the way, we could give him a few examples…

Anyways, McGovern does have a point – Land Rover’s new SVO division will offer styling components, interior customizations, and mechanical upgrades with a possible unmatched quality (though we could also call into question LR’s sometimes questionable reliability). Of course, his declarations are also designed to attract the public – though setting the bar high also comes with responsibility. Land Rover, the SVO ball is in your yard now.

Via Autocar