The off-road specialist – now also a thorough connoisseur of all things posh – has decided to combine the two elements by creating a very small, Christmas-themed wilderness cabin that has a minimalist design and is also a great fit for the Disco Sport trunk.

We all love wilderness cabins – who wouldn’t sit with a smoky coffee in front of a log fire admiring the beautiful, untamed nature starting at one’s feet? But there’s a catch – they are usually remote. And they’re fixed – so each year you would stare at the exact same wilderness. But Land Rover has a solution preventing your usual, human boredom. They have a cabin that can be taken to just about any wilderness. And in holiday spirit it has a Christmas theme – but the best catch is it can fit into the trunk of a Discovery Sport.


It has an area of 38 square feet (3.5 square meters), so the cabin is not exactly your luxury retreat because it’s no larger than a big bed. Still, thanks to intelligent layout solution it still has plenty of space as well as opening windows. There are shelves for the Christmas presents and even a solar panel on the roof that powers a phone charger, while the lights come from the car’s 12 volt charger. The floor, walls, roof, and support structure break down into pieces you can fit into the Discovery Sport, though you need to have the rear seats folded down. The nuts, bolts, lights, and decorations then need to be jammed into the glove compartment, door bins, and cupholders. Danish architects LUMO were on point for the sustainable materials expertise and 12-time Everest climber Kenton Cool tested the cabin in Land Rover’s cold climate chamber, sitting around at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius).


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