Land Rover to drop alphanumeric names image

The British automaker Land Rover has decided to use a new marketing strategy for the United States market and has announced that it will say farewell to its alphanumeric names over-seas just like it dropped them for its European cousins too.

The SUVs known in the United States as the LR2 and LR4 “wear” a different name in Europe, being the Freelander and Discovery, and to be honest, Evoque sounds way better than any alphanumeric name, so Land Rover has plans to do something about it.

Rumors are that the British automaker’s marketing machine will have an easy job doing this because of the European heritage and Land Rover has even set a date for when the alphanumeric names will be dropped, and that will happen once the new generation of the two models mentioned above will arrive, so now we have an extra reason to wait for the new iconic Discovery.