Land Rover’s HQ has the “Range Rover Story” image

The British automaker is gearing up for an utterly important milestone – the iconic Range Rover SUV is now at the half century mark – and they’re celebrating it with a new exhibition, among others.

While most carmakers are hitting the Techno Classica in Essen with their heritage models, Land Rover has decided to keep close to home and will present to the public the “The Range Rover Story” collection at its Solihull manufacturing location, where the model has been in production since back in 1970. While doing the math doesn’t ring any 50 year bells in 2017, the story of the great Range Rover actually started back in 1967 when the first prototype appeared – secret and codenamed Velar (hello coupe version of the fourth generation). This new exhibition has been designed to deliver “a time-travelling voyage” from the mid-1960s, up until the arrival of the modern members of the family – RR Sport, Evoque and naturally the Velar.

Land Rover’s HQ has the “Range Rover Story” 10

Roger Crathorne (known as Mr Land Rover) started working in 1967 as a Technical Assistant on the Velar Team, and he explains “the intention was never to build a luxury vehicle” – even so, the model turned out to be “a more comfortable on-road Land Rover that would combine the comfort of the Rover with the Land Rover 4×4 capability to support a growing leisure market.” The rest is history – safe to say, this combination is present still in Solihull, where workers also deliver the Jaguar F-Pace and Land Rover Discovery.