Land speed record for blind people set in a Porsche 911 image

A 52-year old ex-bank manager, stuff who lost his eye sight, drugs managed to set a land speed record for blind people in a Porsche 911 from the new generation.

A mind blowing achievement was made by Mike Newman, a 52-year old ex-bank manager, who managed to set a new land speed record for blind people. The record was set at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground and Mike Newman was helped by directions received by radio in his helmet. The 52-year old blind man hopes his achievement will encourage people with disabilities to get involved in motorsport.

“When I was in sixth gear, I knew I was going quick enough”, said Mike Newman after setting the new land speed record.

The previous record was held by Turkish pop singer, Metin Senturk, who managed to achieve 181 mph in a Ferrari F430, back in 2010, who “stole” Newman’s original record of 176 mph. The new world land speed record for blind people stands at 186 mph. Mike Newman was born blind and he managed to work as a business manager at Barclays and now, his full-time occupation, is running his Speed of Sight charity.