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LAPD has been given the keys to a brand new BMW i3 electric car for evaluation purposes.

The high-speed chases around Los Angeles have a pretty good chance of becoming a lot slower and shorter as the LAPD has been given the keys to a brand new BMW i3 electric car. The Los Angeles Police Department will be evaluating the “green” vehicle and this may be the beginning of a new era with police cruisers.
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“The decision by the Los Angeles Police Department to undertake this evaluation highlights the compelling nature of the BMW i3 as a versatile, sustainable vehicle,” noted Christine Fleischer, Manager – BMW i for BMW of North America. “By virtue of its innovative design and construction from leading-edge materials, the i3 is a brilliant fit with the technology-driven research philosophy of the LAPD. This will be a valuable learning experience for both BMW and the Department.”

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This particular BMW i3 has received the obvious black and white police livery, covering its body. The model has been given a set of emergency lights on the roof as well along with several features necessary for a police cruiser. We have no clue at this point whether the “green” model is bringing some extra power but we will remind you that the standard i3 has a total of 170 HP (125 kW) and 250 Nm (184 lb-ft) of torque and it is offered in a 5-door hatchback body style. The i3 has been preferred by a lot of famous people, including Rowan Atkinson, who has sold his McLaren F1 and bought the small Bavarian-made car.