Large diesels remain banned from registration in New Delhi image

India’s Supreme Court extended a previous ban over big diesel in the country’s capital, as New Delhi fights with high air pollution levels.

The nation’s Supreme Court ordered back in December a temporarily ban on the registration of big diesel vehicles in New Delhi and the surrounding region, therefore, cars with diesel engines of 2.0 litres or more were suspended until March 31. However, the Court decided this week to extend this embargo, as the next hearing of the case will be held April 9, Bloomberg reports. India is fighting with some serious pollution levels and it is leading the rankings of countries with the most choking cities in the world, with New Delhi being right on top. But such an interdiction may disrupt the automotive industry, as the city is the largest market for passenger cars in the country, with about 2.8 million private vehicles including SUVs and vans.

According to the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers, the upcoming financial year (April 2016 – March 2017) will bring a 12 percent growth in car sales throughout India. If the prediction is proven to be just, this represents a 4 percent increase compared to volumes sold in the financial year ended on March 31. This growing trend is intimately related to the accession to wealth of buyers from India’s rural areas, whose purchases make up approximately 35 percent of vehicle sale volumes.

Via Bloomberg