Report – Waiting for longer and larger sized Honda Civic? Don’t do that!! image

Are you a Honda Civic lover? I’m afraid dear, the news are not likely to make your face smiling. The recent announcement by American Honda Motor Company’s Executive VP suggested that the changes and amendments that are already due for Honda Civic will be delayed and also the planes for making the size of Civic growing is being dropped. The car will be designed midstream and will be having the size that is quite closer to the existing model of Honda Civic.

2006-2007 Honda Civic photographed in USA.Image via Wikipedia

These unexpected changes are the part of the vision of the Company which believes that the trend and needs are the most motivating factors for the cars and not the fixed cycle. “The changes are definitely due for Honda Civic and even the larger sized car was announced in the Tokyo Show, but we believe in matching up with current information which suggests that the market trend is not favoring larger sized cars and we dropped the idea. Also the time of launching also is being delayed upto 2011. The performance of Honda Civic is definitely competitive and satisfactory to us. They are still standing taller in world markets. If the enlarged cars are expected by the car lovers, our Honda Accord and MPV are there for you in service”, said the Honda COO Tsuneo Tanai.

The past record of Honda Civic is definitely good as the cars are available already in vivid models like Honda Civic Hybrid, Civic GX, Civic Type R, Civic Si and Civic SiR. These models are responded quite nicely by the car lovers as well. The sales of cars in Canada have set a record as Honda Civic has been the top-selling cars in Canada since last 11 years. Even in United States, the cars are having the pride of becoming the most sold cars of Honda in its category. Many of the awards are in the name of Honda Civic and these awards have made this car the top of the world cars. Not only in Japan, has the car also won the award of “Car of the year” in Europe for many years. The car is also awarded as “Greenest car of America” in 2005. The pride of becoming “North American car of the year” and “North American International Auto Show” awards is awarded to Honda Civic.

So, the stunning Civic will take a year more time for rebirth and will also look quite similar sized even in the next generation birth. Keep in touch for further informations.