The largest collection of cars that appeared in James Bond movies is up for sale for $33 million.

The Dezer Auto Collection belongs to real estate developer Michael Dezer and is currently on display at the Miami Auto Museum. The millionaire bought the majority of Bond’s automobiles in 2011, when the former Bond Museum in northern England closed.

Dezer was initially interested in purchasing several models from the collection, but when he found out he could pick up the entire lot, he decided to do it. However, Fox News reports Dezer now wants to offload the collection of Bond cars, motorcycles, tanks and planes, presumably to make room for a new exhibit at the museum.

The collection includes nearly 60 vehicles, most of which were used in the production of films, plus a few replicas. The most iconic cars are Sean Connery’s Aston Martin DB5 from “Goldeneye” and the Aston Martin DBS driven by George Lazenby in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

The most unique of the exhibits is a replica of the dragon-faced tank from 1962’s “Dr. No,” the first of Ian Fleming’s novels to be adapted to film, while the newest are an Audi A5 coupe and a Land Rover Defender, from the most recent Bond movie, “Skyfall.”

Dezer hopes to sell the entire collection to a single buyer, an investor that he hopes will understand its value. However, he is no rush to make the sale, as he’s willing to wait for the proper buyer.


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