Last Dodge Nitro rolls off the assembly line on December 16 image

The last Dodge Nitro will roll off the assembly line today at Chrysler’s Toledo North plant in Ohio.

According to, Chrysler spokesperson Patrick Hespen confirmed the news after being asked why the 2012 model year Nitro was not present on the Dodge media website.

The Nitro is a rebodied Jeep Liberty that first appeared as a concept car at the Chicago auto show in February 2005 and updated at the Frankfurt auto show later that same year. The production version was premiered a year later in Chicago, with production starting six months later. For a while, the Nitro was also assembled in Venezuela.

In 2007 the Nitro was also sold in Europe alongside the Caliber, which signalled the brand’s return to the continent. Neither the Caliber, nor the Nitro had any significant impact on the European market and the brand was pulled out of Europe on June 1 2011.

Dodge doesn’t have a direct replacement for the Nitro, with its place at Toledo North likely to be taken by expanded production of the next Jeep Liberty. Last month, Chrysler announced that the Ohio plant will build that model from 2013.