The United Kingdom had a number of Triumph TR4 police cars put in commission in the country, but it appears this example is the last one known to have survived the “duties”.

This is not your regular police cruiser – we’re pretty much used to the old Ford Crown Victoria or the new Dodge Chargers – and it’s something special seeing the last 1962 Triumph TR4 Police Cruiser known to exist. The car has a 2100cc inline four-cylinder engine, a four-speed manual gearbox, and it’s up for grabs. Back in the 1960s, as sports cars were rapidly becoming fashionable, the Police found out the hard way it was difficult to keep up with crime. The Southend on Sea County Borough Constabulary of Essex, England, decided to have a new position – “Fast Pursuit Car,” with the 1962 Triumph TR4 convertible filling the spot.


The standard TR4 was modified up to snuff with the proper equipment – right at the Constable’s own workshop. It got an illuminated front “Police” sign, a trunk mounted “Stop” sign, fender mirrors, a Winkworth bell, air horns, a reverse light, and a hand-operated spotlight mounted on the passenger side. The car had double shift patrols almost daily and had all sorts of duties – from chasing criminals to giving high speed runs from Southend Hospital to London and back. The model was fully restored back in 2000 by Neil Revington of Revington TR Restorations and now the price of owning this historic piece is of $79,000.

Via Petrolicious


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