Last Viper rolls off lines image

The last of the current generation of the Dodge Viper has rolled off the line at the Conner Avenue plant that has been making the sports car since 1992.

The last 2010 Dodge Viper built is an SRT10 Coupe with a 1-of-a-kind paint scheme designed in cooperation with the owner of the largest Dodge Viper collection in the world.

Wayne and D’Ann Rauh of Arp, Texas own more than 40 Dodge Vipers, the largest known collection in the world, and it is fitting that these rabid Viper fans would purchase the very last of the 2010 Dodge Vipers.
The Viper is now on a two-year hiatus after which the auto maker’s executive team could bring it back with a new look and design with the help of Fita SpA’s expertise. Chrysler merged its assets with Fiat last year.

The Conner Avenue Assembly plant will go into idle status and its 88 employees are being redeployed to other Chrysler plants.