Latest electric sports car could come from Pinifarina image

After being bought by Tech Mahindra at the end of 2015, Pinifarina showcased the 2016 Pinifarina H2 Speed model at the Geneva Auto Show and then announced upcoming Formula E concept designs. But now Pinifarina is on another mission: developing an all-electric sports car.

While details have not been given yet, sources are hinting at the fact that something is in the works at the Italian car designer. While Mahindra is involved in Formula E and Pinifarina is an important design house, the unofficial car could bring both e-power and amazing design.

The CEO of Mahindra, Pravin Shah, said that “Design plays a critical part in creating vehicles in such a way that they are robust yet pollute the least while giving you the thrill that people want in vehicles.”

At the moment, the H2 Speed Concept could be a starting point for this electric sports car in the making. An all-electric sports car from Pinifarina is expected to be in line with the brand’s previous designs. And while little is known on this topic, we can hope that the model does come to life and that under new ownership, Pinifarina will turn a profit in the upcoming five years.

Taking into account that the H2 Speed has already been produced, it would not take long for the vehicle to be road ready. And even if it is a hydrogen-powered race car, it should not take Pinifarina too much time to enlarge the passanger cabin and to add a battery pack for an all-electric model. We could get to see an electric sports car from Pinifarina as soon as 2017 if Pinifarina joins forces with Mahindra and Tech Mahindra for a conceptual representation of this model to begin with.