Top Gear’s Leaf presentation considered misleading by Nissan image

BBC’s UK Top Gear show was accused by the Nissan auto maker of misleading its viewers in the Leaf presentation video filmed on the 12 of May 2011 and presented in Season 17.

The Japanese car manufacturer accused Top Gear of misleading its viewers and future potential customers of the Leaf after the vehicle ran out of battery after only a 30 mile journey.

According to Nissan, the Leaf’s battery was deliberately depleted down to 40 percent of its capacity after they delivered it to Top Gear with a 100 mile range.

Nissan’s accusations were somehow confirmed by Jeremy Clarkson, who said that the car had been allowed to run down in order to highlight the difficulties of recharging an electric car.

“We never, at any point of the film, said that we were testing the range claims of the vehicles, nor did we say that the vehicles wouldn’t achieve their claimed range. We also never said at any time that we were hoping to get to our destination on one charge”, said Top Gear executive producer Andy Wilman.