LEAF to record 1,500 deliveries in US: Nissan CEO Ghosn image

The competition between Nissan and GM, pharm search who recently launched the pure electric Leaf and the extended range Volt respectively, price seems to turn into open rivalry after the Japanese carmaker started making fun of the extended range EV for using gas.

However, as far as the sales are concerned, both the sides are managing equally and are reaching to equivalent numbers of new owners. At one side GM has made an announcement that it has brought the Volt in all 50 states. On the other side, Nissan is in force to increase the number of output so that the past shortcoming is covered well. Nissan is expecting to deliver a record number of electric cars in the States this month, as said by its big boss Carlos Ghosn.

He has also said that the company is in efforts of delivering 1,500 cars in June which will declare it as the largest amount the company has ever delivered in the United States. Things seem taking turn surprisingly where Nissan LEAF sales were averaged to only 113 units in the first four months of the United States availability and from the month of May it has gained pace to take this number to a new height of 1,142.

Due to the production shortages, Nissan was unable to provide LEAF to all the US customers. The orders have been received by the company is more than 20,000. The delay in production was all because of the massive earthquake that hit Japan. Nevertheless, the CEO of Nissan is very optimistic about the coming days since the number of demands is increasing day-by-day and so he wants to deliver at least half of that figure to America this year.

By Sunita Mandal