Leak – 2018 Renault Megane RS coming out of the shadow image

We’re not entirely sure these pictures are legit – though in most cases these are the real deal – but here we have a leak showcasing the exterior and interior of the incoming Megane RS hot hatch.

The car has already been previewed during the Monaco Grand Prix before taking the stage in front of the worldwide audience of the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, but in the hands of Nico Hulkenberg the French laid a rhombus-patterned camouflaged pre-production unit. But in the age of Internet of Things, it wasn’t long before other upped the ante on the automaker with leaked images of both the interior and exterior – with no camouflage at all. The exterior shot is a rear three-quarters standard setup, where we can see pretty much all there is to see from there – with the Megane RS exactly as you would expect. That means it’s an amped up version of the Megane GT, looking here a bit more aggressive but also fittingly restrained. We can also have a good look at the dual five-spoke alloy wheels with exclusive Brembo brakes.

Moving inside, the interior comes pretty much unmodified in terms of general layout, but we see a lot of red detailing – on the steering wheel, shift lever, the center armrest, and seat upholstery. The Megane RS is also looking more upscale thanks to the new upholstery adorning the seats and steering wheel. We still have no clue as to what powers the RS and sends the oomph via the dual clutch EDC or manual transmission to the front wheels – AWD is at this point being ruled out by just about everyone.

Via Megane RS Online