Leaked – 2018 Renault Megane RS spotted yet again image

The Honda Civic Type R might have taken the two-wheel drive record on the Nurburgring this year, but certainly the hottest hot hatch for 2017 has to be the Megane RS, otherwise it wouldn’t be so hunted by leaksters.

So, new, completely uncamouflaged and utterly revealing images have reached the world wide web, with the performance hatchback this time around wearing an appropriate flashy red paintjob. The Megane RS seems to have been leaking in like forever, and we might have more in store since the model is only due on September 12 just before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show. These early samples depict a red example – seemingly going about its business at a secret Renault location, as the RS seems to be surrounded by camouflaged prototypes. Everything has fallen into place as far as our Megane RS puzzle is concerned – RS-specific checkered flag motif for the LED fog lights, trapezoidal exhaust exit for the large diffuser, and even the R.S. logo below the diamond badge up front, so we should see these on the production version as well.

The Megane GT didn’t actually serve as a source of inspiration, with the RS featuring its own distinctive features – included vented front fenders, flared wheel arches, and more vents all around. We’re also pretty sure the suspension system has been tweaked accordingly, with the big two-tone alloy wheels most likely part of the exclusive RS package. No info on what resides under the hood just yet, though – so we might have a few surprises when we see the RS in person in Frankfurt next month.

Via Virtuel-car Facebook