Leaked – Alfa Romeo Stelvio SUV seen partially uncovered in factory video image

An official FCA video – already removed now – has leaked, most likely on purpose, the partially undisguised near-production prototype of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio sport utility vehicle.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles had on its official YouTube account a video with the Alfa Romeo plant in Cassino where the Giulia is being produced. Most of the clip showcases how the Italians build their latest and greatest sedan, but along the way there’s also an “accidental” leak of what appears to be a near-production prototype of Alfa’s first-ever SUV, dubbed the Stelvio. Either purposefully or not, it doesn’t matter, because we can now better judge the model, showed in an unglorified base trim. The base version has smallish wheels and even black door handles, so it’s looks are rather underwhelming at the moment.

The design appears to be a transition of the Giulia to a very tall body – though we may be better persuaded about its styling once all the protective camouflage finally comes down. FCA has confirmed the Stelvio will make its first appearance live in front of the worldwide audience during the Los Angeles Auto Show in November. We’re also expecting an online reveal ahead of that in order to steal the proper spotlight. Nicknamed after a mountain pass in northern Italy, the high-riding Alfa is most likely coming out and about with the same engines as the Giulia – and we’re even hoping for the hot Quadrifoglio version with its 505-hp biturbo 2.9-liter V6.