Leaked: Aston Martin DB11 seen in blurry, partial shot image

We’re being treated here to Gaydon’s most prized secret – which is now in the open. Yes, we’re talking about the first glimpse – albeit partial and not in high resolution – of the much anticipated Aston Martin DB11.

The British luxury sports car manufacturer will introduce to the worldwide audience during an official premiere the successor to the famed DB9 during the early-March Geneva Motor Show. But fortunately our eager eyes have stumbled upon the Aston Martin DB11 photographed during what appears to be a private event. We can see the all-new generation is not spectacularly reshaping the design language of the brand and instead goes down the evolutionary path – inspired by the spy-exclusive DB10 that belonged for a brief time to James Bond (he unceremoniously ditched it in a Rome canal). While the model follows in the footsteps of the DB9, we can still see the changes that have occurred: the grille is even wider now, the headlights have been completely reshaped and the hood looks to have adopted even more character lines.

We can also see the side mirrors have been reshaped and it also appears Aston has eschewed the conventional door handle treatment – it’s hard to tell but they may be recessed in Tesla style (hopefully they will be more reliable) to deliver an even clearer side line. The trunk is adorned with a stylish and discreet lid spoiler and we’re now hoping someone will leak a rear view of the model as well to bet a clear idea of the changes. The DB11 is also expected to take advantage of the Mercedes-Benz collaboration and also have an all new biturbo 5.2-liter V12 engine supposedly packing around 600 horsepower (447 kilowatts).

Via Rudyb001 via  Autogespot